Thursday, March 13, 2008

Picture pages..

finished all 5 of my blocks for this month's project.  Had to manipulate the paper piecing pattern because of the flag going the wrong way, but all in all pretty easy to do at 9".


I'm still working on the layout for the 5 blocks, but that will happen over the next month.  I figured my newbies to paper piecing in the club will have enough to do over the month with these 5 blocks.

I have SPOUTS!  I'm very excited in my newest garden - the Aero-Garden.  My friend Lynn, has raved about hers for over a year now and I finally took the plunge!  And I can tell ya the excitement this little gizmo creates, I'll definitely be getting a few more.  I need one more for lettuce and a small one with flowers to put in my sewing studio.  My intiatation is the herb garden.  I started it on Sunday afternoon and I have 3 pods with spouts.  Very exciting!


Now to spend the morning doing laundry and packing for tomorrow's trip.  I leave mid-afternoon to Philly to see my youngest son graduate from his culinary arts program.  It's going to be a long day.


  1. Those Aero-Gardens are very cool indeed! I love the idea of flowers in the sewing room. :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad you are having fun with your Aerogarden :)

  3. Love your blocks! The aero-garden is cool too. My kids see that on t.v. and want to get one too. Glad you are having such good results with yours :)