Sunday, March 30, 2008


Wow, apparently I've been holding out....lots of fun pictures!

First non-quilty pictures and involves Mr. Robin. He is one of many robins who have arrived this spring in my yard fighting for a mate and dominance in the yard. Well, apparently he thinks his reflection is a big threat and proceeded to peck the heck out of my poor van's window to show who's boss. This wasn't the last time I've seen him do this ---I caught him in the act again the next morning on the front of the van fighting with his reflection!


Next picture is another spring related kitties enjoy the view from the back door when it's open. I have had to install a "lock" so the kitties don't open the screen door.


One more non-quilty picture and this one involves my Aerogarden....I can't say enough, this is just the coolest thing ever!! It's been 3 weeks now and I have lots of green! It's almost harvest time:


More pictures.....can you stand it? Now for quilty images.

I signed up for a mini birthday block swap back in February and being my birthday is in April I have already received my first block from Linda Schultn. I asked for pink and white blocks to add to the Quilt Pink project I'm still working on (unfortunately those tops won't make it into this years auctions, but definitely for next year):


Completed another quilt and presented it to the new owner yesterday. I love getting such a warm fuzzy reaction when folks see my quilts. This is Tara's Comfort Knot Again the crazy color fabric represents the chaos of the world and the knot (being Celtic and mom/dad have irish in them) represents the calm, love and comfort of the family to protect Tara. The backing with dragons is to represent her daddy - he goes by the name of Dragon at our local Ren Faire. It is 48" square.


And finally, MORE BINDING! :) I finished cutting the remaining tops bindings last night and going to be sewing/ironing them today....I'll post my final total later on, but I love taking pictures and look how cool this is:


I do have one more series of pictures to share, but I need to retake them -- they were blurry. My husband finally put up my mini quilt wire hanger that runs the width of my sewing area about 12 feet.

Off I go to sew, sew, sew.


  1. I'm so glad that Spring is finally here! I love your quilt, it looks complicated! Way to go on the bindings! The past few tops that I have finished, I went ahead and cut the bindings to store with the tops but I have a ton that still don't have bindings...

  2. Too funny about the robin fighting with his reflection. Poor little kitties want to go outside to enjoy the nice weather. How sad that they have to only enjoy the view. Love Tara's Comfort Knot.

    Thank you Cindy! Robins are silly sometimes - like kitties!