Sunday, February 03, 2008

WOW….what a weekend…

between my friend Sati and me I think we might have moved an entire house! First we moved a 6' foot couch and coffee table from my sewing area (finally) and stored it in her place. Then we put together the 2 organizers I have found that fit nicely with my items.

I took some before pictures....well, ya know that meme going around blog land a few weeks ago for the messiest sewing, I didn't apply because of embarrassment - - - and I'll show ya the main room before picture and after picture tomorrow (need to vacuum a wee bit more). But I can show you my new organized brightly colored corner:

Before, there was a 6' hutch - too dark in color and not very useful.


Now here's what it looks like in that same spot:


I have all my magazines and books in the 9-Patch Cube and going to put WIP (works in progress) in the Beachy Cubes. I still need to fill up several spots, but I'm weeding through MORE stuff/clutter/stash and freecycle folks love my posts to the list.

Back to cleaning up, I'm getting very excited that I can actually have friends over in a clutter free area--this week!!


  1. It's looking great!!! Love the fun colors!

  2. Country Mouse2/04/2008 4:31 AM

    Love the organizing system you have. Great colors and it looks to really lighten the space up. Keep up the great work! Makes me want to get busy organizing my own space :cD

  3. I love your new storage furniture. What a fun and colorful to keep your projects.

  4. After your manic monday note I hit comments and this is where I ended up. Hope that is the info that you need.
    I live in Alberta , Canada. Does that make a difference?
    Happy quilting,'