Saturday, February 02, 2008

Some days you just muddle through . . .

today is one of them. Well, I spent all afternoon walking off a over stuffed lunch from Olive Garden. My girlfriend is a lot more "girly" than me and aided me in getting a few new sweaters to wear for work and we shopped a few other places, including Target where I got new items for organizing my sewing area.

I feel a lot of weight on my shoulders I need to just let go, so that's the muddling through part ---ya know, things that make you feel "blah". So, I'm about to set up this new coolio storage organizer with bins (that was on clearance in the kid's area at Target) and fill it up with fabric stash and's their picture:


The best part are the colors....don't they look beachy bright? Perfect for my piratey themed sewing area and life......yeppers, it's the simple goofy things. I'll post pictures tomorrow, once I fill it up!

Update: ugh, nothing like tearing open the entire box, setting all the pieces out and read to put together ---to discover no hardware was in the box....yes, on front of box it clearly states-Hardware included. Guess I'm going back to Target tomorrow....


  1. Those stoage bins look like they would be perfect to organize quilty things!!! I hate when I buy something and parts are missing!!! That happend when I bought an entertainment center for the boys' room.

    I love your new blog!!!

  2. There is nothing more frustrating to not have all the pieces and then you have to go back to the store. Just makes a simple project go haywire.

    Just to let you know; I do like the new look of your blog.