Friday, February 29, 2008

Sci-fi Friday. . .

do you have one evening where you just love watching tv? I don't tend to watch a lot, I love to dvr Super Natural, CSI and watch them on the weekends, but Friday nights on Sci-Fi I love watching til 11 pm! So, again it's sci-fi friday and enjoying my evening shows. I can't wait for Dr. Who to start back up!

I'm doing some quilty related things tomorrow, dropping off a quilt to be quilted with a new person. The quilt is the one I plan to give to my sister. While I do have many tops to quilt, I'm only doing one first to see how well this longarmer does. She is already busy and told me she will fit me in into April.....le sigh. I understand longarmers are far and few in between and highly busy, but I would love to find a good quality one that has an average of 3-4 weeks turn around. My tops are stacking and I would love some completed quilts this year.

Finalizing plans for the weekend in NC - 2 more weeks! Have 3 others joining me on the ride - should be a blast and relaxing and productive. I plan to cut and make lists this weekend to prepare. I'm thinking 3-4 projects to piece, planning on finishing at least one! What is the one thing you would take on a retreat (besides the obvious sewing machine)?

I promise to take a picture of the new hair this weekend...I don't take very good self portraits, but maybe I should try?

Did I ever share the full view of this?

The lucky recipient was Paula and she received it several weeks ago. I am still hopeful to receive something from this swap. There was some confusion in my partner and the hostess is trying to get mine to me. I'm being patient, but some times it's so hard and I keep searching my mail box for something.

I have no other pictures to share today - it's been a long week, especially with working late 2 nights in a row. At least I have the weekend off -WOO HOO. I hope to do a lot of quilty stuff!


  1. I'll let you in to a secret. Dr Who is filmed in Cardiff, South Wales which is about 15 mins from where I live. They also use my friend's farm to do some of the filming aswell. It's my (very tenuous) claim to fame

    love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. I live in Texas & send my quilts to a longarmer in Utah...she does beautiful work & the longest turnaround was 4 weeks..usually faster, but her daughter had a baby & set her behind.