Thursday, February 21, 2008

Picture pages. . . .

ok, I have a lot to share....see it doesn't pay to play hookie from your blog.

Where to start? Well, I got (finally) my fabric for my new curtains and the images I previously saw DID NOT DO it justice at all!!!! I am so much more excited to have gotten this. I'm not too crazy about the "pukey" green, but the turquoise is PERFECT! I did order a little of the pink, but it's back order and I'll have to wait on it--but I got 10 yards (yes, 10) to make 3 window treatments. I only got 3 yards of the green and pink to make matching "things" in my sewing studio.

Next, I got brave and finally embroidered on a new pair of jeans. Even had to trim off about 6" in length. This was FUN. I order a gem hot fix stix to add "bling" to my finish project. I'll be making more of these, especially for my girls. The large design is on the front of the left leg and the smaller one is on the back of the right leg.


You wanna see more? Ok, let's see what else I can share.

I'm working on a UFO, a kit I acquired when I went on a retreat last Spring. Keep in mind, I don't like Flying Geese. I'm highly embarressed to even share this. These flying geese were 16" x 8". And I followed the directions, instead of using half square triangles. If you look too closely you can see the errors of my ways. I was so disappointed in how this turned out I had decided to "toss it" to charity. My youngest, who also loves purple, claimed it as hers. So, I'm whipping up a border to enlarge it a bit (it's only 48" right now) and passing it on to her. She's excited and expects it done asap......well, I should have the top done by end of today.


Wanna see a silly kitty.....her new place to "lounge" is on my little sewing table for my extra machine...but when there's a basket in her way, she makes due. . .silly Glory


Kids sure did enjoy the lunear eclispe last night. They even tried to use my camera to take pictures of it.


Plans in the works for a mini-get-away to the Outer Banks for a long weekend. Bringing a sewing machine, chocolate, movies, wine and a few friends. Renting an apartment for 3 nights with room for 5, but thinking 4 tops. There might be room for two more peoples. Looking at March 14 - 17th. Ocean side on the water---we aren't going to be skinny dipping, but enjoying no responsibilities of a home and family.

That's enough pictures, I'm sure I have more, but don't want to bore you too much. I'm actually taking today easy. Had to cancel a sew day with friends due to not feeling 100%. And laying around is boring.


  1. Great to have you back! Glad you got your quilting pirate fabric -- it really is something!

  2. Great pics! That's a spoilt cat :O) the pirate fabric is awesome - love it, it's so...YOU!!

  3. love the colors in your purple block!! :)