Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Challenge Answers

I hope to see many of your own answers to my challenge. But for now here are mine:

1. I have 2 slide shows, one to show off my completed projects and second one to prove I do make large quilt tops - - just don't like the quilting part.

First slide show is 27 completed projects in 2007 - meaning they are done with binding and 60% of them were given to someone else.

Second slide show is to show off I do make tops, but don't like the quilting part - so, I end up with many completed tops. One of my goals this year is to get them all quilted. Keep in mind, I do have several other tops from before 2007 that also need to be quilted.

2. My UFO list is still long - I blame working at a quilting shop. I don't count completed tops as UFO's, because I plan to send them out to be quilted. I hope to cut this list down to 15 UFO's within the next month, right now my list is well over 50.
~ 16 tops to be quilted
~ Sunflower Quilt for my bed - still working on the "name"
~ Tara's Baby Quilt
~ Dear Jane - ongoing project, figuring another 2 years to fully complete-hoping to complete at least the blocks this year
~ Circled by Pirates - for me
~ The Dread Pirate Roberts Quilt - for my son
~ Stars Around the Garden
~ Beachy-Tiki Quilt
~ Quilt Pink Tops - probably 3 before February, so shop can quilt and donate
~ Christmas Presents Quilt
~ Yellow Brick Road Christmas
~ Coffee Cups
~ Batik Block Kit
.....need to finish going through my UFO excel spreadsheet and update

3. My 2008 Goals:
~ officially have a sewing studio set up
~ get quilted my tops previously done before 2008 - 16 total
~ keep a month goal list and accomplish at least 70% of it
~ visit 2 quilt shows
~ visit 10 new quilt shops (where ever I may travel)
~ finish a queen size quilt for my bed
~ do a quilting retreat


  1. Juliann in WA12/31/2007 5:31 AM

    I love that your goals include some fun things like visiting a quilt show and setting up your sewing space. Well done. Happy New Year.

  2. Great slide show!! That certainly is a good way to view the quilts and for you to organize. Unfortunately all my quilt pictures are on the computer that doesn't work right now!!

    I love the Koi quilt and the Sunflower quilt.

    Good goals. It will probably be much easier to finish your quilts if you have a nice sewing space set up.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I love the pink and brown and sunflower quilt tops. I would love to join in your challenge but I only have one completed item for 2007! (an I Spy quilt for my SOs grandson - picture already posted on my blog). Chalk it up to finishing graduate school, working full time and life in general! However, I can set my quilty goals for next year so I'll have to think about it and post it. Thanks for the inspiration! And good luck on your DJ quilt as well (from another DJer)

  4. I love your quilts.We must have similar taste because I saw so many there that are on my to-do list. Difference is you seem to really get at it. I have the flip-flop quilt and the Five O'clock Somewhere on my to-do this year list.Let's see what happens!LOL