Monday, September 03, 2007


I'm feeling a little lighter....I now have a list of 47 UFO's (was 80+), 21 Tops that need to be quilted (5 that are done, just need binding sewn on) and I have 20 Offerings! EPP!!

I want to get that 47 number down to about 20, so I might have to add a three offerings every Monday! And I'm impatient and want this stuff out of my house ---but where's the fun in that?

Next, I plan to weed through my fabric stash. There is a lot that I know just won't ever be used by me. That might take me the rest of the week!

Maybe do UFO's on Monday's and Fabric Friday Grab on Fridays? mmmmmmm.....(suggestions welcomed).


  1. The Calico Cat9/04/2007 2:20 AM

    5 that need binding - that is why I pay to have mine attached...

  2. Can't wait to see what's on the block for taking. I'll even trade(Oh!that's right, you are looking to clear the decks)Anything Christmassy layin' around???

  3. This is fun..........just go for it!!