Friday, July 13, 2007


Here are pictures of completed UFO's!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! Ok, I still need labels (technically) on a few, but that's easy stuff.

First, my Doll Swap Quilt (didn't make it out the door today, but will be in the mail tomorrow) is DONE! Not too happy with the label, but it's done. Of course, onces she receives it, I'll share the full pictures. . .

Now the other two complete projects, first my Wave The Colors:

And the project I found and forgot about, my Crab Soup wall hanging. It was from a class I tool last summer and it's paper pieced. Not overly happy with the end result, but the crabs are too cute!

Day at work was again a wee bit crazy, though I did get to see Carrie again and met her visiting friend. And I met Beth briefly on her way home . . . she walked in just in time to say hi!! :D

I'm going to whip up a block for the BOM I host tomorrow at the shop, tonight, then head to bed. I'm beat!


  1. Aww I love the crabs. So cute!

  2. Congratulations on finishing stuff!

  3. Lynn / vigilant207/14/2007 7:14 AM

    Wooo you have been busy. I love the stylized flag. I seriously need to do some WIP cleanup with my crochet projects...I haven't touched a hook since I moved.

  4. Love all the UFO's. Congrats on progress!

  5. YankeeQuilter7/17/2007 4:44 AM

    Working though WIP's is sooo satisfying. The crabs are so appropriate for Maryland! I miss them...