Monday, July 30, 2007

Pay It Forward & Four Season Quilt Swap…

first...I did the Pay It Forward several weeks ago and only got one person interested....I'm sure someone out there really wants a freebie gift from please comment and I'll add you to my UFO list :D

Second, just joined the Four Season Quilt Swap hosted by Margaret.

Just click on the logo graphic to the right and read more info on this swap!


  1. Me, me! I'll do the PIF exchange!

    Also, I agree we need to set up a sewing day! Usually I am able to get away from here on Wed and Fri every other week, depending on Mike's schedule. Do either of those days work for you some week in the future? Where would we have it? I have a big dining room table but have never tried to sew at it.

  2. Sign me up. I was just worried about the time commitment with an infant but here goes!!

  3. Quilting Pirate7/31/2007 4:10 AM

    Ok, Carrie & Jen here's what I need (you can email me) have a year...I just took that part out of my post because I'll be a wee bit quicker than that!! What's your info please and give me your favorite color and one favorite item and I'll work with those :D