Friday, July 27, 2007

"the key"

I am a proud owner of a key. Not just any key, but a very special key that allows me to enter a place of fabric at any time. . . even at 2 am if I so desire.....

not like I would, but the fact my boss trusts me to give me a key to the whole place is pretty cool and amazing!!!

I get to open and close tomorrow at the shop---I'm in charge....**giggles like a silly school girl**

Now if I could get some quilting done, I would giggle more.


  1. Well -- I would like to be the first to congratulate you :))

    I think it might be hard to resist not going at 2AM and fondling all that fabric - LOL

  2. I imagine if you went at 2am you fight carch your boss fondling the fabric too! Couldn't imagine ever getting tired of fabric although I too would like to quilt more and fondle less LOL

  3. Excuse the spelling on my previous comment! Boy am I blushing!!! It was meant to say 'you might catch your boss' not the goobledy gook it says. That will teach me to post a comment before reading it LOL