Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Quilt Five

It's Friday again. . . what has the week gone? This week's theme is Paper Piecing.

Please feel free to post your own answers in your journal or blog. My answers can be found here.

1. Have you ever tried to paper piece a quilt block before?
2. If not, why? If yes, what did you make?
3. Is there a paper piecing pattern you are dying to test out (post a picture or a link)?
4. Have you ever designed your own paper piecing patterns?
5. Would you be willing to learn or teach someone about paper piecing?


  1. I have never tried paper piecing. I want to, I want to but I am just a little intimidated by the whole thing. Someday..............( and yes I would take any help I could get in the process).

  2. Good question post...
    1 I love paper piecing :)
    2 I have made very simple to very complex things- all the way to a whole wallhanging.
    3 I am pretty impetuous, so I make what I see at the time I see it LOL Always on the lookout? Whatchagot?
    4 I designed a Boar block for the New Year.
    5 I have tried to teach about paper piecing, but honestly get a bit distracted and usually just encourage experimentation.