Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Doll Swap

I joined the Doll Swap II with the intention of using up some stash....I need to bust my stash!!

So, I received my assignment this week and went straight to work! I'm very excited! Even more so now, because I finished the top part this morning. Making this miniature quilt was fun to design and sew. All I need to do now is be creative in the quilting part and add the binding! Granted I should have signed up for more than one swapper - I still have tons of stash left to bust!! LOL in someone else's blog that we weren't suppose to share these quilts, but I was under the impression it was up to the creator to share or not to I "adjusted" the image.... :D


  1. My goodness you're speedy!

  2. I love the colors!

  3. Quilting Pirate6/17/2007 3:42 PM

    Thank you!!

  4. I agree: you are a Speedy McFastington! Very cute :o)

  5. The Calico Cat6/18/2007 3:14 AM

    I am doing a 1 on 1 swap with someone who did not want the pressures of a real swap...

    I hand quilted all three this weekend.

    I have also been doing 1 for you 1 for me so far...

  6. Jenni @ Fairybread6/19/2007 8:06 PM

    I still don't have my partner! I just checked the blog and it says they will be sent out by the 20th which is now in Australia, but itprobably hasn't started in the US yet. Yours looks nice and bright.

  7. Looks like it is great! I haven't tsrated yet- bad me!