Sunday, January 01, 2012

Grateful Thoughts

Happy New Year's!

It's funny every year I read and listen to folks mention how bad the previous year has been and how they hope and wish for a better new year.   I wish they find that peace and happiness they are looking for and deserve this year.  Everyone deserves happiness and peace.

Every year is hard, difficult and sad - - yet, there is always positive and so many blessings to be thankful for.  It seems sometime we focus more on the bad because of the emotional impact it has.  But I think if we list all the good, the bad seems to disappear - or at least minimize.

I think, if we start the year off with a mindset of gratefulness, when trouble does happen we can adapt to it a little easier.

I'm grateful for:
  • My husband and his journey home.
  • My kids and their challenges and successes in their lives.
  • My furry friends.
  • My new relationships with friends.
  • My old relationships with friends that continue to grow.
  • My paycheck, food on the table, roof over my head, electricity and the internet.


  1. Lots to be grateful for, have an amazing 2012!!

  2. It seems to me that starting out the year being grateful for what one has and all the good things is an awesome way to go. I like it! :) Happy new year, Toni! :)

  3. Hi Tony Haven't seen a post from you in quite awhile. Just wanted to say hello and hope everything is ok with you. Take care. LuAnn