Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I love getting mail!

I have been MIA over the past week in blogland...I had over 1000 new blog posts to read...well, I might try to go back through and catch up, but I hit that "Mark As Read" button and now I think I can feel not so guilty.

I have done a little sewing, not much.  Hubby was here for 10 days and most of those days were painting, cleaning our new house, graduation stuff and just being together.  In 12 more days he will be permanently here in Tennessee - very excited as new challenges develop as we try to be a family together again!

I have receive LOTS of wonderful mail though. . . .

I received 2 months of my towel swaps!  May's was from Betsy in Ohio and she did such cutie little birdies:

Then from Michele in Canada (owner of Quilting Gallery website), send her June towels:

I LOVE THEM all!  I get to change my towels soo much more often now that I have such a beautiful selection!
It's my turn again, so I'm in the process of making July's towels now - hope to show them off soon!


  1. I loved May and June towels. I think I smile every time I walk into the kitchen and see them.

  2. Both sets of towels are wonderful!!

  3. They are adorable...thanks for organizing this swap!

  4. Cool towels! That's a nice swap!

  5. Very pretty, the little birdies are adorable!

  6. Wonderful towels!

    It must be so exciting that Hubby will be with you full time soon!!

    I have had to hit the mark all read button a couple times before. I did feel a bit guilty the first time but sometimes there is just no way to catch up.

  7. I know what you mean-- I am constantly overwhelmed by how behind I am in blog reading. I haven't been able to bring myself to mark all as read yet though. You go!

    Happy mail, indeed! I just love the little birdies. So cute!