Monday, May 16, 2011

Manic Mondays!

Let's see who the lucky winner is of this month's Manic Monday Offering is:
That would be Ms. Cindy!  Congrats! I've sent you an email!

Now, on to what's new.  I've decided not to do Monday Milestones today, because well, I haven't been keeping up with them for over a month now.  I think it's because it's spring and I just been so distracted and busy in other directions.

I did do some sewing this weekend - a few things to mark off my "to do" list and plan to share them this week.

I made my first zipper pouch.  It's for a swap we'll be doing at our guild meeting this weekend.

I also got started on my "Favorite Things" quilt.  Cindy and Betsy are doing this as well and I joined along.  The top 2 blocks Cindy sent me (perfect for me aren't they).  The Celtic moon is from my favorite pair of jeans that are too big and so cut them up and plan to use some of the denim (it's really light weight) to embroider a few more blocks.  I originally made that embroidery on my jeans 4 years ago.  The other two blocks are extra special as you will find out later this week - but again depict more of my favorite things.

Today, I'm planning to finish my Patchwork Square Quilt Along, only 2 blocks to be done - of course they are the hardest ones!

Have a good week!


  1. Thank you, Toni. I love your pouch. Great idea using the old jeans for blocks.

  2. I am thinking of doing the favorite things quilt too, though don't have an embroidery machine. I would have to do patchwork and applique. I love your blocks! What size are you doing?

  3. Love the little zipper pouch with the darling cherry fabric! You have a great start to your "favorite things" quilt. What size are your blocks?
    Oh, and congrats to Ms. Cindy!

  4. Your pouch turned out so nicely. I have been wanting to make some myself and even have a few patterns to choose from. But I have not started yet, the directions make it look very complicated.

  5. Super cute pouch! I need to learn how to make those. They don't look that hard and are so cute! I can't wait to see this new quilt come together. I love the blocks you have so far, those flip-flops are darling!

    BTW~ I put your button on my blog. I hate messing with the designs, so it took me forever to do it. :)