Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Five

Feel free to play along and share you answers in the comments or in your own blog.

This week's theme for Friday Five is Sewing Machines:
1. How many sewing machines do you have?
2. Which machine is your "regular-go to" machine?
3. Do you own a specialty machine (serger, embroidery, longarm)?
4. Have you inherited a sewing machine?
5. If you could upgrade your "go-to" machine, no price limit, what would you upgrade to?

My Answers:
1. Currently, 4.
2. My Husqvarna 870 Quilt.
3. Yes,serger and embroidery machine.
4. Yes, my grandmothers Bernina, that my great aunt purchase 1 year before I was born.
5. Well, my next machine will be a long arm by year's end - but if I purchase another sewing machine it would be a Bernina 830.



  1. 1. Own 3 machines
    2. My go to machine is an old New Home (janome)
    3. no specialty machine, but my one 'cheap' Brother loves to work with specialty threads with no wimp outs.
    4. Never inherited a machine
    5. I would never part with my favorite old machine, but would upgrade my cheap Bro for a long arm (even a used one).

  2. 1. I own 2 machines
    2. My go to machine is my Bernina 830
    3. My specialty machine is the embroidery unit on the 830
    4. No inherited machines. :(
    5. I don't need to upgrade my sewing machine but would love to have a longarm one day.

  3. 1. I own 2 sewing machines
    2. My go-to is my Janome "The Heart Truth" machine. (I don't know what model # it is)
    3. No specialty machines
    4. Well, my first machine was a hand-me-down from my Mom, when she bought herself a new machine. It's a Singer from the early 1950s. I have the hard carrying case, attachments, original book & the wooden 'card table' size sewing table that came with it too!
    5. Cost no object? Hmmmm....can I get two? One of the 'fancy' Berninas AND a long-arm!

  4. OK - I can give you some more short answers - so I'll play.
    1. I have three sewing machines - my "Pinto" - "Toyota" - and "Lexus". Each one is a step up from the other.
    2. My "go-to" machine is my Lexus - a Husqvarna Lily 555 - she's about ten years old - she's my favorite.
    3. I own a serger (Sergio) - no embroidery machine (not into embroidery AT ALL) - and no longarm (no room).
    4. Never inherited a sewing machine. No one else in my family sews - except my daughter - never inherited anything from her.;)
    5. Upgrade - no price limit? I have no idea - but probably another Husqvarna - love those machines!!

  5. Oooo... a longarm? How cool! Here's mine:
    1. 2
    2. Bernina Aurora 440QE
    3. I have a Babylock serger (jet air threading FTW!) and a Babylock coverstitch machine.
    4. Kind of... my mom bought her best friend's Pfaff and then gave it to me. So I sort of inherited it from my mom's friend?
    5. Bernina 830. Oh, yeah. I wish I had space for a longarm though-- that would be cool!