Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Milestones

I've fallen off the wagon!  So, back on I go and pre-posting this week's posts.  I feel a bit dis-connected with my blogland friends - I'm sorry, but I'll catch up with each of you this week :)

Monday Milestones

If you wish to do your own Monday Milestones, be sure to visit Kim (A Peach In Stitches) and put your link on her post!

Last Week's Goals
Ok, these are from 2 weeks ago...behind the times.....
1. Once A Season Swap - finish and mailed!
2. Finish several mug rugs I have for various swaps. - Done, mailed.
3. Class samples for upcoming spring/summer classes.  Planned out and updated my TLC's Quilt Studio blog with lots of information.  Very excited about that!

This Week's Goals
1. Sew more Hoopsisters (first 2 sessions of classes, went pretty well)
2. Let's Be Together Block for March
3. Make sample for Series for Lefties class
4. Work on Color Journal for class sample
5. Tonga & 12 Days of Christmas Block of Months for Feb

Next week will be another Manic Monday!!

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  1. Well you managed your goals so well done for last week! Don't set too many at a time or you will become discourgaed and we don't want that!!!! I worked out I have about 14 UFO's that I want to get done or even just revisited in some way. I'm not sure I would be very good at public goals though :-( Although I did get one done today, so 13 to go :-)