Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night Sew In - Lessons Learned

Well, I'm a successful failure?! :)  So, here's what I learned to correct for next month's FNSI:
  1. No tv on - or at least something I've seen a billion times, probably just music would be best.
  2. NO KIDS.  Even the 17 year old was a serious distraction, wanted "mom" time.
  3. One project!!  Have it cut and ready just to piece away.
  4. I'm a wuss and totally tuckered out by 10:30.  So, next month maybe take a longer nap after work, getting up on Fridays at 5am, working til 2, home by 3 and sewing all night really took a beating on me.
My original plan of attack was this:
  • Hour 1 - Make Tonga Batik BOM block
  • Hour 2 - Make 12 Days of Christmas Block
  • Hour 3 - Take a break from sewing and cut out Love Bug project
  • Hour 4 until I was done - Work on Ocean Tranquility Project
Well, it didn't quite go that way . . .

I spent 3 hours on one block, after ripping out several times, again I think mainly to distractions, but finally finished it:

This is basically a simple block but lots of tedious piecing techniques.  Good thing I had it all cut out before hand!

I was sooo frustrated with putting this block together, mainly because I kept ripping out the same corner section and row, that I stopped at 10:30 and went to my bedroom to read and fell asleep.

Then this morning I got up and literally whipped up this block in an hour (as I had planned originally):
So, now I have 2 remaining items to work on and I'm going to go ahead and finish them up today.  I have time to myself and think I can get them done.

Next month's FNSI will definitely go a different way!


  1. Both blocks are beautiful! I always wonder why the kids (and Hubby) only want to have "Mom" time when Mom wants sewing time?

  2. Sorry that block gave you fits, but it certainly turned out nice! Love your house block, too!

  3. I'm sorry the one block gave you so much trouble, that is so discouraging. It is hard to keep going late if you have to get up really early. I love your house block.

  4. Toni, I feel your pain but I give you lots of credit since I would never attempt such a block. It is way too complicated for me but you did a lovely job of piecing it so well.
    I so so love the house block.
    To me, anything done is a good night.

  5. It's always better to stop when you are tired.. or you nearly always make mistakes. All goes better after a nights rest. Well done on the finished them both. :)

  6. That batik block is absolutely gorgeous! And the house is a fun one! Don't pressure yourself so much! Art comes in its own good time!

  7. Sounds like my Friday Night Sew In !!!! I should know not to even turn on the tv etc !!!! Anyhow, both of your blocks came out great despite the distractions!

  8. I love the blocks you made...they are fabulous! You were definately successful!