Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Towels are outta here!!!

I finally got all the towels in the mail yesterday!  Whew!  Everyone should have them within the next week or so....but I can't wait to show off them...wanna see??

Now the one I did as a tester and for me, isn't as pretty and was tempted to switch it out, but I resisted.  This won't be the last you see of these either. . . . . (that's a tease for something later on this week).  I definitely want to do this swap again next year, I just love the monthly towels I receive!

Hubby was visiting over the weekend and as is the norm for his visits, lots of unpacking, lots of sightseeing, lots of cuddling and lots of ....mmmm...and NO sewing.  Though I did do some of my hexies while we watched tv one night.

I am working on several things and trying to get my BOMs done for September and some other commission work today...first off to get my hair cut!


  1. Oh the towels are too cute!

  2. Love the towels! *very* cute, and not tacky... tough combo.