Thursday, August 05, 2010

Spiral Bound . . .

Seeing Andee's post reminded me.  When I took a 3 week class with Ms. Mimi Dietrich last summer, she showed us her book Baltimore Basics being spiral bound.  We (all in the class) were soo taken on how cool this was, she explained how to get it done.

The benefits, especially for books where you have to trace designs/patterns from, is that the book lays flat.  You can get it done at any office supply store, I went to Staples - it cost ~$1 to cut the back of the book off, ~$1.50 to put the spiral in and then for added protection,~$1.75 for front and back plastic covers.  So under $6 you can have a more versatile book to use.

I don't recommend running out and doing this to all your quilting books - the cost would be a bit crazy, because I know we are all book worms, but definitely your most favorite books!

I started off with 3 of my favorite books,  Mimi Dietrich's Baltimore Basics, The Best of Black Mountain, and (actually a fairly new one to me) The inklingo Handbook.  :)

I already have the next few ready to go, once I find the locate Staples/Office Depot:

My husband has been traveling back and forth between Maryland and Tennessee and this weekend he brought the remaining books from my cabinet and now they are all safely together again.

What does your book case look like?

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