Sunday, August 08, 2010

I'm back at Blogger....

So, I've decided to use my blogger account blog again.....the perks just out weight the differences between Wordpress for me at this time.  I don't have time to maintain a website with my own blog, so using these free services, I feel Blogger offers me more.

That being down to business....

Yesterday, I received my August Towel from Jean.  She states, it's a self portrait towel and boy she sure looks awsome this summer :) :

Well being Cindy was early for September, my towel will be next arriving in this swap (first week of October).  I picked up the towels I will be using a couple months ago at TJ Max.  Aren't they the perfect green for a Halloween theme?

So, this Sunday I do plan to sew, but not towels yet.  Unsure what will come up, but I'll be sure to share it!


  1. Jean looks great! I should look so good. I think the green towels are perfect for Oct.

  2. I understand about the accounts. Sorry you have to move again, but to be happy, you have to do what you want.