Saturday, April 17, 2010

Picture slacking....

I've been slacking and due to it didn't have any exciting posts to share.  So, this past week I have taken more pictures and will do some pre-posting this weekend for your amusement.

Randomness images from this past week. . .

Betsy, do you notice my golf towels? :)

In honor of the Baltimore Pyrate Invasion Weekend, I put up my pirate flags last week.  Time to put up some springy ones.  Please ignore the weeds, that flower bed is a work in progress.

And while shopping at the local dollar tree, I find this interesting towel design.  I didn't purchase any, but thought it was kind a neat to see the quilting pattern.

Now to organize more photos for your enjoyment!

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Hi Toni......loves like you've been snapping away!!!

  2. Oh the towel looks great on your cart. I need to start golfing more. So glad you are having fun, fun.

  3. Now that you have an iphone maybe you could get the quilt app from the V&A museum in London. It's a great exhibition of old and contemporary quilts.