Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Goals

I've been challenge on a very personal home front situation and I need focus to keep a positive forward motion in my life.  So, I'm starting weekly goals again (thanks to Ms. Cindy).

This week's goals:

-Quilt 2 baby quilts due to customer

-Make 2 pillows for customer

-Finish add hand work touches to both RRBloggers pieces

-Stash sell prep for Wednesday

A lot more going on, but these things I have to focus on some time to finish this week.


  1. Good for you, Toni. I'm unpacking sewing things today or I'm not unpacking anything. ;)

  2. Toni I am so glad you have some focal points. They will be good for the mind and soul.

  3. All the best for your goals. keep your chin up!

  4. Making lists and setting goals helps me a lot too. I feel so scatterbrained without them. I wish you lots of happy checkmarks of completion! :)