Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Projects 2010

I was invited to join a yahoo group hosted by Ms. Betsy to help us focus on starting and working on our Christmas Projects now and through out the year verses waiting til late Fall to do them.  Her goal is to actually work on gifts as well.

So, I went through all my Christmas related projects and documented them for this post, that I need to finish to help clear out my UFO's and have some pretty new things to use next Christmas.  I also will add gifts projects in, but most likely won't share them because I don't know who reads and receives them until next year :)

I have several Completed Tops that fall this category:

Now here are my UFO's that fall into this category.  Two are patterns I would like to do, the Stockings we definitely need new ones and the Christmas Geese I would love to do, but need to gather homespuns that fit a Christmas theme.

As of 12/30/2009 my count for this challenge is 12.  Maybe I can get one done a month?  We'll see!


  1. Toni you definetly have gotten alot done throughout the year and the projects you want to complete are great.
    I hope we can keep you motivated.

  2. Great idea Toni to put the projects out there that you want to complete for Christmas 2010. I want to try to do that too.

  3. It is a great idea! I am joining on the band wagon. :)

    Where did you find that fabric with the Santas on it? I love that!

  4. I got the "Never Not Knitting" page a day calendar this year... and one of the first "suggestions" (some days sayings, some suggestions, others bits of "wisdom", etc.) was to put 12 of your UFOs into separate bags, and put them in a box (or a larger bag would work). Then each month you pull out a bag at random - instant "project a month" club - personalized just for you :-)

    (and no, I haven't had time to get that curtain done *yet*... on my list for before the end of February ... if I could find hardware I *liked* for the rod over the door, I'd be inspired to get it done sooner rather than later - but as it's looking more and more like I'll be stuck with something I'm lukewarm on if anything... sigh... I can't be the only one who likes to have both a sheer and a curtain on a big window, can I be?)