Sunday, August 02, 2009

Hershey Recap....

what an exciting day!  I had a blast sharing the love of quilting, shopping, eating and laughing with 6 other friends!  It was a fully packed van!

I was on a set budget and did fairly well in keeping in that budget.  I purchase 2 items that I wanted to get and an extra bonus item I'm totally in love with.  I was good and didn't purchase any fabric --though I came sooo close to purchasing a $150/kit, I did pick up a cheap little $12 kit instead.  I got my show pin and a group pin.

Here's my newest booty (l-r: my second thread catcher for my travel hand work bag, a pattern for hanging my pin collection on, my new pins, and my bonus project bag with tons of zipper pockets directly from Pat Sloan---oh did I mention I talk to Pat? :) ) :

DSC08293 DSC08296 DSC08298 DSC08294

And Eva and Laura got me this cute t shirt (I don't own a quilting t shirt):


We had a wonderful time and I think we all did well on our shopping budgets!  I think we are done with shows until next year.

We did see a lot of quilts that were shown at the Lancaster Show in April.  There was a nice selection of quilts and highly impressed with all the appliqued ones.  Here's my gallery of all the pictures I took. I do have last year's pictures still up, if you are interested here as well.

I think my favorite quilt was this one:


We did get our tradition group picture- this one was taken in front of our own guild quilt (Four County Quilt Guild) which we (as a guild) have entered the past two years' raffle quilts for judging into Quilt Odyssey.  Eva got a better picture, poor Jane likes to look around when the camera is snapping :)  l-r: Donna, Cheryl, Me, Jane, Eva, Pam and Laura (trip virgin to our group) in front.


I'm beat as I'm typing this post up after our trip....Sunday will be recouping day :)


  1. Wonderful goodies! Love the t-shirt.

  2. [...] Thanks goes to The Quilting Pirate for sharing her favorite eye candy from her trip to Hershey. This quilt is truly inspirational. Go here for more photos. [...]

  3. sounds like a great time. Is that the quilt that the ladies made separately, then put together? They live in different countries.
    I read about it somewhere.
    Nice goodies, great job staying in your budget...hard to do at a quilt show.

  4. Loved your guild's quilt-it was one of my favorites! My other favorite was the wood scene with the 3-D mushrooms. The landscape quilts were amazing this year.