Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh my head....

is still swimming with all the excitement of Quilt Market.  It was such a sensory overload!  It was soo exhausting and fun at the same time.  Learned a lot more on the challenges of a shop owner selecting the right product for their customers.


I enjoyed several classes from paper piecing, web designing, marketing, to post card making.  Met LOTS of icons I have followed for 15+ years.  I think one of the neatest persons I got to meet was Nancy Zieman.  She is very pleasant and a great teacher.  She has some new purse templates out by Clover she was promoting.  I got a picture with her thanks to Sandy(one of our traveling companions):


I also met Jennifer Chiaverini, author of the Elm Creek Quilts novels and Jinny Beyer whom I've met before but she is also an excellent instructor:



I also met Eleanor Burns, Amy Butler and Pat Sloan!!!!  Didn't get pictures, but enjoyed each encounter.  Pat is just soo personable in person she is a busy lady as well, but I was able to have her set a date for teaching at the shop---SQUEEE :)  I need to confirm that when I go back to work today.  Thank you Pat!

Alas, I missed Mark Lipinski.  He was floating around the floor meeting new artists, he swing into Zebra Patterns booth to meet Debra, but I didn't even get a glance.  Debra was very successful with her first time at market.  Debra has some awsome patterns and is just highly talented. I was able to get a nice photo of her and Eleanor Burns:


And I have a wonderful picture of "us".  Carolyn, Jackie (boss lady) and me at market.


I have tons of pictures (like that surprises you) to share.  Working on them now into an album to post later today.  Also, trying to update my work blog, one thing I learned about was how important blogging can be to a business.

I have done some sewing---shocking---and done some hand work---more shocking--and picked up some wool applique kits---SHOCKING...again I blame my coworker Carolyn and Betsy for their strong influence in these new endeavors.

I did spend a pretty penny or two on fabrics as well.  Now to pack them up into my suitcase and prepare for next weekend's retreat!!!!  I can't believe its right around the corner!  We've been planning for so long!  Next retreat will be in October.

Need to head to work, so many ideas and follow up phone calls/emails to make.  I only got through a third of my list on Monday.


  1. quiltingcindy5/21/2009 7:35 AM

    I am so jealous that you got to meet Pat Sloan! You could have told her I was your friend and a die-hard fan. Glad you got some sewing in, it's good for the soul.

  2. Sure sounds and looks like you had a great time and have lots of new fabric!

  3. Oh I wish I could have gone with you just to meet so many talented artisits. I simply love Jinny Beyer. I can't believe you are on the run again. Busy, busy, you.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous time!!! Sorry I've been so out of touch, but I'm back and I look forward to catching up with you!

  5. Hey, I thought I wasn't getting your feed, but I see you haven't blogged for a bit!! I miss you!! What's up??