Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have soo much to share...

and have been trying to catch up on simple things around my house.  Seems like I haven't found time for catching up.

Trying to do laundry now, trying to organize my sewing space at the same time, and sending out May birthday cards.

I had a wonderful birthday last week!  First my son surprised me with his girlfriend - we don't get to see her too often, so it was such a nice surprise and she got me hooked on the Tudors!!

Then on Wednesday I had dinner at the Green Turtle in Mt. Airy and was joined by several friends throughout the duration.


(L-R: Eva, Sati, Jane, me, Linda, Jackie II, Cheryl)

Cheryl presented me with my own birthday cake (evil woman she is):


Needless to say, my kids helped me eat all those bad things!

Then I went to Bunco with Pam and her fun friends and won the Bunco pot of $36....sweet!!   Needless to say, it ended my birthday on a high note....but not to end the celebration too soon, my friend Stacie came up for Saturday night and we drank wine, watched the 2nd season of the Tudors (which she got me for my bday gift) and just talked.   What a week!!!!

I also received my Miniature Booty 3 Swap from Norway!  Laila has incredible craftsmanship!  I'm soo in love with all the items I received from her.  She is highly talented and I feel honored she agreed to be my partner!  I haven't hung it up yet, still need to clean the wall it will hang on in my kitchen, but here's the booty:

dsc077131 dsc07714


My booty will be on it's way tomorrow to it's new home.  I can't show a picture because it's so specific, it would give it away ;)

I work today, but tomorrow and Thursday I plan to focus on my sewing space and get things packed for the deep reorganization that will happen.  It's going to be crazy and awhile before I sew on my machine again, but I have all my prep work done on my latest hexagon piece and started basting the little suckers last night...so easy to do while I'm watching TV :)


  1. You did celebrate in a grand way! Congratulations and Happy Birthday, love that candy bar cake.

  2. quiltingcindy4/28/2009 5:06 AM

    What a cute cake! You are so much nicer than me, I would have slapped the kids' hands. ;) Very pretty sunflowers. I bet you are excited to get your goodies in the kitchen.

  3. The quilt you received is spectacular.

  4. Oh Toni, that cake looks so good...I'm drooling......LOL .....Happy Post Birthday!!!!

  5. Hi. It seems you had a great birthday, Congrats from me, late but still with all my hart. Birthday hug ;-)
    I'm so happy you liked my Swap.
    Enjoy it.
    Have a great day.

  6. Eek, how did I miss your birthday?!?!?! Hope it was great -- certainly looks like fun. Cheryl's cake is just amazing!
    I've been a little out of the loop lately, sorry, but I'm back at it.

  7. What I a wonderfull cake. Happy Birthday to you from Denmark.