Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.....

Facebook anyone?  I have joined the madness at Facebook and have rediscovered lots of long time missing friends!!  It's a lot easier to use than myspace and easier to keep in touch with friends and family and a few quilting stars (aka Mark Lipinski) :)  I've become very addictive to the site checking it every morning.  I would recommend you to join and add me :)

Where to start?  My Four Season Swap 5 arrived to it's new home in Texas.  Ms. Kari was happy with it's arrival earlier this week.  I had to redo it because my first  design included a color that wasn't acceptable....the challenge was to create a monochromatic design.  I love the first design with the orange, but ended sending Kari the diamonds:

dsc073931  dsc07394

Guild night was Tuesday and we had a very talented speaker/quilter visit.  Linda Pool shared with us her own quilting history and her prize winning quilts that just made my jaw hit the ground.  I did get her book and a pattern to "maybe" try out her lace techniques. It's that hand work kinda stuff that doesn't excite me, but definitely interests me.  Here's a few of her winning quilts:

dsc07412  dsc07414

I was also nominated as next year's Guild Secretary.  So far there are not other interested folks in the position, I think voting officially is in May during our anniversary month.

I have completed my quilting on my art quilt, just finishing the binding now.  I've very tickled with the end results and we have reschedule another class for Art Creations in May.  I still need to remove some of the previous quilt markings, but you get the gist of it:


I've started working on a blue crab I picked up with Eva during our Fenwick Island Trip and hope to have it done this weekend.  Though this weekend is busy.....I am joining my friend Jane in her Handi Quilter Training session tomorrow and a Goovy Board Class on Sunday!  I'm excited for her and hope to do a few quilts of my own :)

Working on my trip to Texas in April -- visiting Anjea in Austin, but we are open to visiting and meeting new folks.....Rhonda maybe?

Busy, busy, busy..........


  1. I just LOVE your art quilt! So beautiful!

  2. wow an art quilt. Toni how cool.
    I also love the quilt from 4ss.

  3. quiltingcindy3/12/2009 4:13 PM

    WOW! I love the diamond but I liked the other one also. :D Those quilts by Linda Pool are awesome. The art quilt looks like fun.

  4. Love the art quilt....and your quilting looks so good too. I am on facebook, jean kritenbrink.

  5. I checked out Rhonda's blog - Palestine is a good 4.5 hours from here. (It's on our way to Shreveport to see J's folks.) We might be able to meet somewhere, though...would need to look and see what's between here and there or somewhere that makes a triangle with us. :D

  6. Very cool. One of these days I would love to learn how to do all this. Too bad I don't still live in MD.

  7. I lurve your quilts, but you have reminded me I'm running late with 4SQS5. As usual, I managed to start something, decide it was totally wrong, and then start something else. Urgh!

    As for the FB, I'm with you baby! LOL

  8. That bride quilt! I *know* that pattern - the original, anyway... cross stitch by Marilyn Levitt-Ingram (probably spelling that wrong, though). How did she do it? I'm quite curious.

    (the pattern comes under the category of "I'd like to, but I'll never have time, and don't know who would get it anyway")