Friday, February 13, 2009

Successful trip.....

yep yep...I brought 4 big projects and had 3 little projects to work on....and I worked on all of them, except my new crab kit.

  • Black & Limey - top and back ready for Penny (my longarmer), just need to get more lime fabric to make binding

  • Set Sail Sample (for Shop) - finally finished all geese and pieced blocks with sashing, just need to pick out a border fabric from work to complete

  • Kiwiberry Bali Pops Project (unnamed as of right now) - have all my strips together, but kinda had to stop because we didn't have a full size iron board and I like to press my seams open.

  • FSS5 - sewed a few more 3" drunkards paths....about 1/2 finished.

  • Christmas with Jane - my donated DJ blocks from my sister, I cut and have most of the sashing about the 5" blocks.

For only sewing maybe 12 hours, I think I got a lot done!



And here's Nevie, enjoying the comfort of my feet while I sew:


And the light house that is just about 500 yards down the road from us:


We are in the process of cleaning up and heading out and hitting that new quilt shop along the way.  It has been a fun few days!


  1. Black and Limey turned out awesome. I wouldn't have got any sewing done for watching the lighthouse, I love lighthouses. Enjoy the road trip home.

  2. It sounds like it was a wondeful trip! Well done! Love your B&W quilt very much :-)

    ps I know you like to press your seams open. Do you mind if I don't?

  3. wow, I need a retreat like that!!!

  4. You did great and had a great time. Now that is a successful retreat! Love your quilts!

  5. You sure did get a lot done! Those tops are great. :)