Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm home!

and already miss the warmth of Florida's sunshine.  Got off the plane here in Baltimore this morning to 35 degrees....brrrrrrrrrrr

Now I did get some sewing done before I left and even hung out with Donna, Cheryl and Jackie II last Wednesday before my plane left.  I've finished my kiwiberry bali pops center, just need to add the borders to this.  It is 16 strips across and 26's small, but I plan to add large borders to show off the cool batiks I purchased just for this project.

dsc07370I also put on some borders for the shop sample I was doing:

dsc07280I plan to jump on my sewing machine here shortly....I'm still catching up on emails, snail mail, unpacking and laundry!

While in Florida we celebrated Stacie's birthday on the town---it was a fun night on Thursday!  I even took a picture of one bar's bathroom floor because it reminded me of quilting:

dsc07347Then, Saturday we road tripped out of Orlando to the gulf coast--I've never been on the gulf side of Florida, until now.  We hit a local shop in  Temple Terrance (well local to Tampa and on our way to the coast) called Heritage Quilt & Needlework Shop.  Very cute little shop, great hospitality and a nice but small fabric selection.


I had a nice-warm vacation in Florida, but it's nice to be home.

I also had some nice mail to come home too.  Peggi from Canada sent me these adorable sewing notions...I have no clue what inspired her to do so.....


And Ms. Betsy, sent me the WildFlowers pattern for the embroidery machine.  We've decided to do a set up with a block of the month.  It should be fun and easy enough to keep up, especially since each there are 3 of each block:


I think I'm kinda caught up for now.  Lots of stuff happening this week.  Including picking up 2 quilts from Penny that I'm dying to see!

Here's a picture from the sun setting on Saturday on Anna Marie Island, Florida:


Now back to reality.......


  1. I was kind of curious about how you'd react to the little bows on the skull and crossbones. LOL

  2. sounds like you had a great time. I really like your quilts, the bright batiks just shine. The wild flowers pattern looks interesting too.
    Now back to work? never fun....

  3. quiltingcindy2/23/2009 12:42 PM

    Your kiwiberry bali pops center is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it with the borders. You are just too creative. Your vacations sounds wonderful. I love FL. When I win the lottery ;) I'm going back to FL and sew with Betsy for at least a week. Want to come?

  4. I had that identical tile pattern on the floor of the bathroom in one house I lived in growing up! I remember putting paper over it and rubbing it with a pencil.

  5. Anna Maria island is on my to do list this summer. We have the skis fixed so we can bask in the sun.
    Dying for winter to be gone.
    Your quilts look very nice.

  6. We did 10 days on Anna Maria Island 3 years ago. It was like a slice of Heaven!

  7. aww, i wish i'd have known you were in the area!