Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Round Robin Completed!

I recieved yesterday the most awsome piece I have ever participated in!  For the last 15 months I have take part in a round round that was based off Mary-Britt's group.  Our group included 14 other ladies and traveled in this order:

If you check out each of their blogs you will find their quiltlet's return home and left a happy comment--a few are still awaiting the arrival, but 12 of us have them in hand.  And here's mine.  I started off with the upper left corner pumpkin block that is 4" square.


I just LOVE IT!!  These ladies did a terrific job!  I think some of us are set on doing another round but taking a few months off before we start - it was fun!


  1. Yours is great! They really picked up on the style you started. It's amazing -- I guess too many cooks don't spoil the broth after all!
    So when you do these round robbins, do you send your fabric with your initial square?

  2. OH you know how I feel about Autumn. I really like that!
    It would look adorable at my place.
    will you be spearheading another round robin soon??
    I have never been in one.

  3. [...] smooth 15 month swap….check more info out at Sharon’s (the hostess this round) blog. Mine is here. We are a small group and space is limited, but the work these talented ladies do was/is [...]