Friday, December 26, 2008

What did ya'l get?

I got lots of books I wanted (4 total) and new pjs (I got for myself) and we all go a Wii.  But my coolest gift came from Ms. Betsy in pirate form:


They are a set of hand towels, aren't they too cool!?  Thank you again Ms. Betsy!

I got more piratey stuff from Sati, that I need to take pictures of...including a night light and a box of kleenex :)  I'm so easily amused!  Sati loved her quilt --whew......

I'm off to organize....I'll be back....


  1. I am so glad you liked them. I just had to get them for you!

  2. My best quilty present was some new pantos for quilting from my daughters....I am excited to try them.

  3. I didn't anything to do with quilting but I did get a pretty bracelet from the boys and Baby Doll gave me several smiles and coos.

  4. just found your blog, stopped by to read it.

  5. You mean, we all go a wee?
    We all got a wii here too. It is a blast. Hint: a friend said we have to get the cooking mama game--a hoot
    Hope you have a verry merry New Year!