Thursday, December 18, 2008


I haven't been technically quilting, but I have done many quilty related things over the past week.

I traveled down to Springfield, VA to visit my sister and see me niece on Friday (can't believe I didn't take pictures--ugh).  I haven't seen my older sister in over 7 years?.....They were in Japan and California and now only an 70 minutes away now :)  We had a nice day visiting (of course) quilt shops in her area.  And both of these shops are part of my shop's annual shop hop.  I enjoyed both, The Artful Quilter and The Quilt Patch.  Both had nice selections.  We enjoyed the entire afternoon together, then I drove through rush hour traffic to meet up with hubby and Stacie visiting this weekend.  Hubby and I watched "As The Earth Stood Still"....we both enjoyed it.

This was the weekend of parties....seems one weekend every December is like least we got all the holiday festivities done in one weekend....3 parties, lots of friends, food.....what more do you need!

This was one of the parties we attended, in a gorgeous log cabin:


And this is the tree we had to decorate:


Then on Sunday we visited Sati & Ric's home to see their first Christmas tree together:


------another draft I started and never posted....this was from yesterday......

Ms. Penny dropped off 2 of my latest quilting projects, again just tickled as pop with her work.  Mad at myself for not giving her enough fabric to back one of them, but it's become a little lap quilt that hangs on my rocking chair.

One of my sunflower quilts:


And this was a quilt I started and ripped out the quilting.  It will go to my niece once the binding is on.


I have another confession to share....with all the "little" gifts I got from my booty partner (Gina in Wales) and a few other little gifts friends have sent me, my youngest and I decided a few nights ago to start opening them randomly, one a night.  So, of course I opened my booty quilt is SOOOOO perfect Gina!!  It is exactly what I asked for:


and a few other things I have opened along with the booty stuff, aren't the S n' P shakers tooo cute!  I collect Santa mugs and this just fit nicely with them:


Thank you again Gina...I'm having soo much fun opening these packages!

I still have a few more things to open and will share them as I rip open paper :)

Of course all my gifts from last night....well, I need a whole new room just for my stuff :) 

Hit another party last night with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilters!  We had such a wonderful time while be serving awsome food from Ms. Donna.  It's such a blessing to finally find that "right" group of friends.  We ripped open gifts last night and you would have thought Santa came early or something???  Wanna see the fun?  Click here for pictures.

I have done all my shopping and wrapped everything...YAH!!  Just need to get holiday cards out, waiting for the 4th child to arrive home to take the annual "kid group" shot, so I can print them out and send them out.


  1. quiltingcindy12/18/2008 1:58 PM

    Since you have been doing quilt related things I guess that excuses you from going MIA.;) The Christmas trees are beautiful as are the quilts. Great party pictures!

  2. nice gifts and I love the sunflower quilt.
    Sounds like you had some good fun with your sister.

  3. ourdailyboost12/19/2008 4:40 AM

    The sunflower quilt is so those fabrics. The trees are pretty too...nice to get in the holiday mood.

  4. I posted the above post too. I guess it had me logged in with that group.

  5. Love the booty quilt you received! So wintery, just lovely.

    It's great that your sister lives so near now, too. Seven years is a long time.

  6. The booty quilt is gorgeous...the snowflakes rock. What a great thing to receive.

  7. All presents wrapped.....that's a huge accomplishment. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  8. So glad you liked them and that they survived the trip. I thought they were really cute and bought a pair for myself.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx