Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm soo beat...

and I have to work 2 more days in a row before I get an all day break.  I don't do too well with working too many days in a row.  At least I have some down time to look forward too this weekend.

I just joined the Wacky Pac Wannabe's.  Check them out.  I've been reading some of their blogs for the past year and they are just a hoot and all in Texas!

The shop hop was a wee bit slower than previous years, just shows again how the economy is effected on all sorts of levels.  But it was steady with people coming into the shop.  I'll be attending the "after" meeting to see how the rest of the shops faired.  Needless to say though my feet and back are killing me.

Here's our shop's quest quilt (you can see the other shops here).  Each shop has a block and there's an extra block so if a shop wanted to use 12 blocks it made it easier to design.  What's really cool (and I should take a picture of them as well) is that each shop also sells little charms that match their block and the goal is to collect all 11 charms during your quest.  I got one from my wonderful boss because we can't shop hop :)


I have gotten some time to sew a little.  I finished making the last 2 blocks for the ornament swap today and they are in the mail for tomorrow.  I also have put together my bag of stuff for the Challenge Swap I'm doing (not due til January---forgot I signed up a few weeks ago ---doh!) and made a churn dash block to go with hte other ones I was given from Cheryl who won them at the guild meeting last month.  I have them laid out and borders/sashing all cut and ready to piece the top together....maybe tonight!  (I just finished all the sashing parts--I had to "fix" 2 blocks that weren't the 12" finished sized.  Just need to add the 2 borders).

I need to figure out what projects I'm taking on my retreat this weekend.  I need to finish up my holiday booty swap piece and hoping to get another top done for me :)

I think it's bed time, 6 am comes too early now days.


  1. quiltingcindy11/09/2008 5:51 PM

    Sorry to hear you are so tired. Hang in there, you only have 2 days to go.

  2. Hang on in there, not long to go. Love the shop hop quilt

    love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. The quilt for the shop is very nice and unique. Sorry to hear you are tired. I hope you can come out of that. You are always so lively. Did you get the address of our latest swap member?

  4. Welcome to our World -- you Wacky Wannabe! We are so happy to have you -- a virtual Wacky!

    The quilt from the shop hop is beautiful.

    I hope you get some rest!