Friday, October 31, 2008

OOOO ahhhh....gifties....

First I received some WONDERFUL BOOTY from Karol-Ann yesterday.....and yes, the smarties are almost gone (fyi, I LOVE Smarties)....she made me a wonderful little clutch that is just soo pettable and sent a long a little african bowl that I plan to use by my sewing machine to think of her often:

And it seems my boss Jackie, co-worker Carolyn and Judy (who all just returned from the wholesale part of Quilt Market in Houston) always find Mr. Mark Lipinski and get me a signed magazine.....I can NEVER get enough....not to out do himself this time he personalized this signature a wee bit more......

(notice the patch :) )

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......Mark I so miss you too!  I need to see you again real soon, you just make me smile!!  I think I'm going to market in Pittsburgh in the spring and definitely will "hunt" you down matey!  Safe travels home hun!

I work today, but am off the next 3, so quilting will commence!!!  Next weekend is our annual shop hop and I work long 4 days in a row!!

I've dressed up as a diva goth...sorta, my kids have moved some of my precious gothy items around so, I have to improvise with my outfit.  I might take a picture to share....might.



  1. You HAVE to show us a photo of you in costume!! Please! And the Mark signature is a riot -- thanks for pointing out the patch. I would have missed it, but it absolutely makes it.

  2. Pretty please, show us a pic?

  3. Aww go-on Toni. See we all REALLY want a photo - lol !

  4. well welcome back!
    I too love Mark and his magazine is outrageous.
    Happy Halloween.