Friday, September 12, 2008

Slow week....

seems when I work Thursdays, I don't get a lot done on the sewing front.  I've spent a lot of time this week doing some swap clean up and setting up a private holiday booty swap.  My brain is fried from seeing excel spreadsheets and color filled cells.....

I have done a little sewing, I got 120 1.5" HST and 80 4" HST sewn and pressed - need to square up, for a baby quilt in hopes I can finish it this weekend.  Also have a small wall quilt sampler of Salt Water Taffy I'm making for the shop....I'm soo in love with these batiks!

John from NC received my latest booty quilt.  So, now I can share it with everyone:

And when it arrived at John's his girls promptly confiscated the quilt for their barbies:

The pictures John sent me were just too funny!!  I'm glad his family is enjoying his new quilt!

My son and his girlfriend are visiting for the weekend and then I have Stacie from Florida staying with us as well, should be a fun filled weekend or just a really chilling one :)

Need to get ready for work!!


  1. Love your Booty quilt! he he those Barbies are too funny!

  2. You always do such a beautiful job on your quilts! So lovely!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Any Booty Swap plans??

  3. That quilt is adorable. I see that Barbie and her friends like it too>

  4. quiltingcindy9/12/2008 12:03 PM

    The quilt you made for the swap is very pretty. Love the picture of the babies laying on it.