Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today's activities....

well, I spend some of the day visiting a friend helping her create a tote bag from a partial Geisha girl panel she had and a pattern she liked.  Then I visited the library with my girls-it's been a summer weekly thing.  Then came home to turn around and go into work for an class meeting-that I had forgot about.  And finally came home to stay!

So, I ate then sewed some bindings together (I have about 5 more to sew) then finished my DJ block for the was an easy and quick one, but at least it's done.

Need to get some of my swap obligations moving along this weekend.  I work tomorrow but a have full weekend of sewing coming and hopefully Cheryl can sew time with me as well --I like sewing buddies.

No pictures today, but on my DJ blog.  This weekend will be a different story.


  1. You stay so busy!!!! I just hate making bindings! I love going to the library and have several times this summer, then they decided to remodel the library and I mean a complete remodel. So they moved the library to a temporary building until the remodel is finished. You'll never guess where they moved it old funeral home!!!!

    LOL...well that is a way to keep people out of the library! Hopefully it will be in its new home soon! I hate bindings too, hence why I wait and save them up and do a whole bunch at a time. I have 4 bindings for tops I haven't even started, but figured might as well get them out of the way....bindings are no fun!

  2. quiltingcindy8/14/2008 5:52 PM

    Well,Busy Woman, you make me look like I didn't do anything today. ;) Oh well, someone has to be lazy. Aren't sewing buddies just the best? I sure miss my sewing buddies.

    I didn't do much but one block and a few bindings....I have to keep busy otherwise I get into trouble :) I need more space to have more buddies over to sew :)

  3. I have been catching up on some blog reading this morning. I LOVED your quilt from SuBee and the label was so cute!
    You have been busy!! Also, I had never seen the trick with the bag holding the binding! Great idea!

    Thanks Bren! I was catching on up blogs yesterday/this morning as well. It's soo easy to get behind on all that reading!

  4. Busy, busy, busy! :-)

    Story of my life!