Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surprises in the mail and much more....

I received the cutest and sweetest gift yesterday from Finlan.  Jen (aka Hedgehog) made me a "mini" quiltlet for hosting the Booty Swap and I just love it!!

Isn't it adorable!!  I was very surprised by receiving it!

Yesterday was guild night and we hosted our annual Chinese Auction and I walked away with a few items:

And this weird mug:

Do you know of this group?  Found some info on the web, but nothing specific.

My body isn't happy with me right now, unsure why, but I did do my DJ block for the day and so now I'm going to go and rest until my body likes me again :)


  1. quiltingcindy8/13/2008 8:38 AM

    The mini quilet is too cute. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better!
    I recognized Hedgehog's style as soon as I saw that photo. Her stuff is great -- and you deserve a nice gift for hosting the swap. Must be a lot of work.

    That mug is AWESOME and I will have to locate one. My daughter had a t-shirt with that saying for a different organization, but she has to be careful not to wear it when she gets on an airplane. They don't have a sense of humor about such things these days.

  3. Not sure about that mug :-). Very cute label on Jen's quiltlet.

  4. I had one of those mugs. Out here in the West in the early years, a Ladies Sewing Circle was a euphemism for a bordello. *grin*