Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One more post for the day...with pictures...

I was going to post and share a picture of something I purchased YEARS ago and finally used it today to aid in separating values in some batiks (it was something I got on sale on a whim)...

Then I was going to show off all the neat things I have "acquired" this week from AWSOME PEZ dispenser and a cool coin purse in lime green of course (sorry Cheryl, not going to show off my new clothing):

This someone from work gave me this cool pirate fabric---which by some weirdness I did not own yet --and a yard to boot!!

Oh and did I mention, this weekend is my local Ren Faire opening weekend?  Yes, I get to play pirates on Saturday :)

Well, that was my plan to show off some pictures from my week....that doesn't involve sewing....until today's mail came.....

I FINALLY....FINALLY (I was not happy it too this long) got my Quilter's Home Magazine.  While I have read most of it at work, I will finish it favorite line still is "my friends call me the Gay Martha Stewart" pg. 62.

And then a totally complete surprise package from the wonderful Ms. Betsy.  Let me say I'm still rather speechless and so moved by her generosity.  But I do want to share because it is just incredible what she sent me.  Let's see, the first little thing is bling!!

Then, there was a little fabric basket, 6 coasters and a BOO hand towel....well, all things are Halloween :)

And last but not least this gorgeous table topper (that I might use as a wall hanging):

I apologize for being a show off of my gift from Betsy, but I'm so genuinely moved by her gift I want to share it with everyone.  This was one of the most moving packages I have received and I will treasure all these gifts!  Thank you again, Ms. Betsy!

I'm tuckered out now with all this excitement.


  1. quiltingcindy8/20/2008 10:35 AM

    That is some great goodies you have there. Did you get a bag also? I see a bag. Love the halloween goodies.

    Yep, the bag, I called a fabric basket :)

  2. I had fun making these for you. I am so glad u posted a picture of the label. Looks like my BSR needs a tune up!

    :) Do you enjoy using your BSR foot?

  3. heehee pirate pez :)

    I KNOW!! How cool is that!! :)

  4. Love the Pez dispenser and the little purse is awsome!

    I thought so too!!! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Lovely lot o' loot, lucky lady! :-)

    Isn't it cool!?

  6. That's a lot o'loot lady! It's just your style.