Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Music for the quilter....

I received in the mail from Amazon my newest cd.  I was surfing around Amazon and came across this perfectly named album= Celtic Quilt.  I truly enjoy celtic music and was looking for a new cd to add to my mega celtic collection and this one is just an awsome addition.

I have done a little sewing, though I think I've been working and playing more on the internet that pass few days.  I made my center block for my Spring Fling Round Robin swap, but then realized I had "errored" and had to make another one FAST!!  Thank goodness I still have time to whip out a nice block.  I'm tickled with both blocks, but again I can show pictures of either of them yet because it would definitely give the recipant away.

So, I started sewing on my Hoffman Bali Pops project one....I have 2 more :)  These were screaming my name at the shop and they are sooo lucioius I had to have one of each....but stopped at 4 verses 6 :)

I have things to put into the mail today, so I off I go.

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  1. quiltingcindy8/20/2008 10:38 AM

    Quilt music? I never thought about getting special music to quilt too. ;) I didn't know they made music with quilts in it.

    :) hehehe, the cd is a beautiful blend of soft tones with a celtic fling. I highly recommend it. I tend to quilt to celtic music :)