Sunday, August 31, 2008

I truly have wonderful friends. . . .

We have been enjoying the company of my brother & sister-in-law and a surprise bonus visit from my oldest niece with her husband and 2 little girls.  Our house was a rocking last night!

We spend the entire day getting lost in Pennsylvania, but did end up doing some amish things, like buggy riding:

My girls got the front row action sitting next to the buggy driver and the full horses' behind effect as was highly amusing!  We ate a nice restaurant at Bird In Hand (town's name), but we paid way too much for a lunch buffet.  Speaking of "buffet".......oh, wait....

So, Cheryl who was doing some binding work for me on a table runner called yesterday to return it and see if I had anything else...hello, sure I do!!  So, she surprised me and took my sunflower wall quilt and finished the binding yesterday...WOW....I'll get to see it tomorrow when we hook up with her and her family to see Jimmy Buffett in concert! :)  FREEE....they are lawn tickets, but I've never been to a Buffett concert and I am a pirate after all.   It should be a lot of fun!

Well, this morning, realizing we missed the mail lady yesterday, finally checked the box to see that I had received something from Anjea!?!?  Opened the box to my amazement and saw this 9" adorable quiltlet:

I took pictures and immediately hung it up with my other little ones:

I'm soo excited and love it!!  It hangs next to my grandmother's dresden sampler.  Thank you Anjea!

I have amazing friends and am so grateful for them in my live and appreciate all their talents, love and friendship.  I can't thank them enough.


  1. Sounds like you all are having a wonderful time!!!! Love your little quilt!

  2. So glad to hear everyone had a great day! Your quilt is too cute.Have fun at the concert.

  3. sounds like everyone is having a blast!
    Nice quilt.