Wednesday, August 06, 2008

3rd top done this week....

well sorta....I finished up my chef's quilt today, but looking at the picture I'm not happy. So, I'm going to ribbit out the second row and center it better so there isn't a HUGE field of veggies on the right side. I'm not overly excited with this, I think the veggie print makes this is busy quilt, but I think my son will love it. And I needed to make it a nice size lap quilt. It is 63 x 70 right now:

I finally found the Loralie Fun Chefs panel at Hershey Show and came up with this design. Wish there were more of the "little chef squares" to add more to this top, but again not going to worry about it.

I finished my second top on Monday night, but can't show it. :( Need to wait til I present it as a gift!

I have tomorrow off also and need to found some other UFO that needs just a wee bit more work....I'm on a roll!!


  1. quiltingcindy8/06/2008 5:13 PM

    You go, girl! 3 tops finished and it is only Wednesday! I love the veggie fabric.

  2. Wow! You are on a roll! I should send some of my UFO's over! :-)

    Hehehe...I still have at least 50 more UFOs to go! :)

  3. Slow down, you are killing me!!!! :) I'm glad you are getting so much done.

    :) You seem to do more than me! I need to catch up to your number of tops :) I hope to own my own long arm by end of year as well, so I need tops to do!! At least I have a back up plan and know several folks with longarms "just in case" I don't get one LOL

  4. Could you frame the sets so it makes it look like cold frames? Maybe that will help the definition a little more.

    Now that is a great and interesting suggestion. I don't really want to do more work on this chef piece, but I do want it to look nice. Thanks for the suggestion!!