Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yah for a long weekend...

well, sorta--I wasn't suppose to work Saturday, but I have a class schedule to teach a machine, so I'll be in for about an hour, but otherwise I'm off til Monday!

We hung patriotic quilts out on the porch today at work, to follow suit with Mt. Airy, that had flags flying from every pole:

I haven't been doing too much sewing as of late, but I have worked on a few things.  I finally finish my friend's quilt top, it's soo huge I can't take a great picture of it but here it is on my bed and I finally named it The Golden Zen:

I also am making mini stockings for the shop's employees to celebrate our Christmas in July...I finished mine and need to finish the rest this weekend (everyone's is different):

And being it's July (and I already have one of my "to dos" done--whoo hooo!!) I started to play with one of my holiday UFO's by making a block in the pattern--I plan to finish more of it during my retreat next weekend:

Unsure what I'll sew tomorrow before I head out for holiday festivities, but I need to make 10 more blocks for the Pink & Green monster and would prefer to finish them sooner than later.

It's bedtime now.....


  1. The golden zen is awesome. Great way to use those oriental fabrics. I like it!

  2. You have been busy! Love the quilt, very nice!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. You sound busy to me!!!! Lovely photos!

  4. The Gold Zen finished already!!! It looks very zennish. I hope she really likes it.

    Me too!! :) Thanks!