Monday, July 07, 2008

OOoo I'm "Verry" Excited and "Verry" Happy!!!

I got mail!! WOOO HOOO!!!  And it's my ALQS package.....ooooo came all the way from Ireland (how COOL is that--verry cool in my book!).....and the best part of it, it's from Verry Sherry!!!

I LOVE is SOOoo me!

ugh...the color doesn't look right, I'll retake that's a LOT brighter in person, but the coolest piece it the label:

Sherry is SOOOO talented, isn't she!  I'm verry impressed with her free motioning on the quiltlet and just soo in love with it.  As if the quiltlet wasn't enough, she sent the next best thing for a quilter......Irish Chocolate:

Oops....I had already opened the Irish Beanie Bar...mmmmm...yumminess:

Thank you again, Verry Sherry--this is one HAPPY PIRATE :)


  1. Lucky You!!! That is beautiful! And mmmmmmm....chocolate!!!

    Mmmmmm...chocolate is the best part...well, in my book :)

  2. Very nice Toni!!! Love the quilt label - so clever!!

    Thank you! Sherry did an awesome job!

  3. Great quilt - these swaps are such fun.. I love mine too. Getting a lovely collection of these now.

    These swaps are fun and I feel soo accomplished when I complete them!

  4. Lucky you! That is really nice.


  5. Oooh... a VERRY good home for another lovely ALQS top! I love your line of minis, too.

    Thank you so much!!