Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I love when folks post pictures of I do cook and meant to take pictures of my cheesy garlic biscuits, but forgot too.....

Well, I did a favor for Ms. Donna today (embroidered her a label for her quilt) and she made me (well, ok I have to share with the family) this:

That is a fresh strawberry pie!!! Ok, I don't normally like strawberries, but this was SOOO GOOD!! Serious yumminess!!

After I meet up with Donna, I took my girls to the library--ya know I haven't been to a library in over 10 years, scary! IT WAS COOL! We didn't spend too much time, it was overwhelming for us all but girls picked up 2 books each and a movie and cd. I didn't get time to play but we will be making this a weekly thing, definitely. Wednesdays are perfect with my work schedule as well.

Then we hit our local town's farmer's market. Not too much happening yet, but I did get some tomatoes, sunflower bread and some strawberry jam.mmmmmmm....yum. And after seeing in in Nicole's Blog about local CSA's, my friend Sati and I meet one of those farmers at the market and decided we will join up with them and just in time for the season's! We'll definitely add the farmer's market weekly trips to our library Wednesdays as well :)

I did attend Guild last night and brought another new friend to join up :) I think I'm going to double the guild by end of year with people from the shop :) We had a speak discuss values in our quilts. It was short and sweet, but she had some nice quilts to share and great story teller. She was (is) from Dallas and loves the Aggies. I took pictures...lots of them, but they didn't stay in my camera?! I need to figure what is up with my camera.

I did get quite a bit of sewing done. Mostly on the Patches of Zen (I figured out a name for it), then I dug back into my OC Mystery....I bet you thought I had forgotten all about it? Not really, just never finish Step 4, but working on them now.

Oh and Kevin (the hubby man) said that hamster couldn't have been down the drain no more than 5 days, he figured out some logical things and how it got down there --no by toilet drain.  So, we'll never know but at least we know where she did end up.

Another day off tomorrow and more sewing and packing planned. Convention is Sunday and I get to see Anjea Saturday.

Oh and I'm mentioned again at Mark's blog....though I didn't really need folks seeing that post of mine--the fan girl in me, it's kinda embarrassing sometimes :)

Now, I leave you with another meme to play with.

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  1. Yes, I did wonder what had happened to your OC! Let's see it then :-)

    :) I know, I keep putting it off but I have some pictures to show today!

  2. I love your eye patch!! :)

    LOL...I thought it was a fun touch!!