Friday, June 06, 2008

To Say Thank You....

I have lots of fun stuff to share and I know I haven't posted any juicy stuff this week, but I'm trying to wrap up my Booty Swap and I feel the need to vent and stand on a soapbox (I am after all only 5'2"):


How hard is it for you to send a 20 second email with the words, "Thank you.  I received your quilt today in the mail it is lovely."  Then take another 20 second to post in your blog to say "Look at what I go in the mail today from so-so, isn't it lovely?".  Then take another 20 seconds to visit the sender's blog to respond to the post they make about your new quilt saying "Thank you again, it's is lovely".

Ok, that takes about 5 minutes total to do, but what do you personally expect?!

Seriously, take a minute to think about that question - What do YOU expect when you spend 2-4 weeks, planning, purchasing, designing, cutting, sewing, quilting, making a label specifically for one person?

We are all quilters, quilters thrive on the reaction of our work.  It doesn't' take much to satisfy us, but the gesture is still expected and we wait patiently for the end result.

I'm very sadden at how several people never followed through with a simple "thank you" in the swap process.  It dumbfounds me how rude and inconsiderate some folks are.

These are again more lessons learned from hosting this swap. I will state it clearly in the new guidelines for next Round of this swap, it will be expected that you will email your partner when you receive your quilt and to post a picture of it on your blog.

It's sad I have to "enforce" a common courtesy, but apparently we are not all raised the same.



  1. Andee in Wisc6/06/2008 7:33 PM

    I didn't participate in this swap but know just what you mean when someone doesn't AT LEAST say thank you. Even if people are not one hundred percent thrilled with a quilt (or any other gift) that has been given to them a thank you so much, I really appreciate it goes a long way!!

  2. It is amazing how another quilter could be so inconsiderate. You have every right to be indignant!

  3. Amen!
    It is astounding that some people don't have that courtesy. Crazy! Really.
    Two swaps ago my doll quilt went into the blue yonder and never a peep or show from my recipent partner. Still hurts. sniff.
    Thanks for the blunt post. Some people apparently need it!

  4. Though my swapie did thank me many times on several blogs, I am in another type of swap where I never know if the person received my blocks since they never email, post, etc...
    You have hit it on the nose.
    Good comment Toni.

  5. Sadly this is all very true! Both of the people that I dealt with on this swap were wonderful, the one I recieved from and the one that I sent to. But I do know what you are saying, I actually sent some fabric to a close friend that I met online and I spent money and time picking special fabrics out just for her and not so much as a Thank You. I think some people need to brush up on their manners.

  6. I can't imagine not saying Thank You for anything someone gives to me. It's amazing how people can be so inconsiderate.

  7. Like you say we were not all brought up the same. I try and instil good manners into my kids the way I was taught too. Good manners and politeness cost nothing after all and go a long way. Good on you for speaking out Toni.

  8. Here, here! At the very least, an acknowledgement of receipt is expected couretesy - and if they're not even polite or thoughtful enough to do that, then a thank-you is just that much less likely. Not that it *justifies* that kind of behavior, of course...

    How irritating. I received stuff from a direct swap around Christmas that while it was nice/good quality, it wasn't my style and I didn't really like it. She still got a gracious, excited thank you and will never know otherwise. I regifted the items I didn't really like to people that would enjoy them more than myself...

  9. Rant on, swap mama!
    I just ban these people from swaps as good ettiquite is essential :-)

  10. I had a very positive experience in this swap! Both of the people I worked with were wonderful and kind! I gained several new bloggy friends through this swap. I'm sorry for those of you who didn't have the same experience! A thank you should just be common courtesy. It's a good idea to spell it out for the next swap so everyone can have a good experience!

  11. Sad to say, but I have a niece who does not acknowledge gifts. I have gotten burned twice, now with this niece. So you know what? She has hurt herself because I am only sending cards, no gift, no money, nada. If I don't get even an acknowledgment that the item has arrived then that person doesn't receive anything else. BTW, I track my packages so I *do* know they get there.