Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday, Monday....lala lalala

le sigh....what happens when your only shower clogs up? Ya have the septic tank people come out (thinking that is why it's backing up there).....$250 later, shower still clogged. Drano worked, but only a little, I'm debating what to do now-either call a plumber or try Drano again....point is I have to work and I need a shower :( Hubby is lucky enough to have a shower available for him at work.

I did do some sewing in between stressing about the water issues. Remind me next time I think I can easily "whip" out a queen size quilt (no matter how easy the pattern it), I can't please :) LOL But I have made lots of progress on it. Here's kinda the feel of it. I have 4 more columns to go, but I have finished the other checkered piece column and the remaining columns should go together quickly.

I finally am using a notion that I recieved as a gift years ago and figured I would never use them, but found them very useful for this project:

So, I need to figure out what my plans are for today.

There is positive news, if you are interested in participating in a mini quilt swap, The Miniature Booty Swap Round 2 is up and accepting applicants! Spread the word.


  1. What a stunning quilt! I really like it. :)

    Sorry about the shower...yuk!

    Thanks on the quilt! I hope my friend likes it. I'm thinking of having it quilted with fans going vertical.

    Well, hubby has a few more ideas to try out before the plumber is needed. Cross fingers, because in this kind of heat ya know I need a bath :)

  2. Oh bother! Hope you get that shower sorted!! And there are notions for everything these days!!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt :-)

    We are working on it. Tell me about it and I think I own all the weird notions there are---it's like a fabric ya know :)

    I just finished another column, I will have to take a picture at work where I have more room to show the entire top off. Thanks Karol-Ann!

  3. Careful with drano...if you have cast iron pipes it will sit at the bottom and eat your pipes then you are replacing your pipes...

    EPP!! Thanks for the heads up. I'm pretty sure most of our pipes are copper or pvc, though now I'm worried about the copper.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Such a bad way to start the week out! We have this stuff here called "Liquid Fire" Alot of places don't sell it because it is soooooo strong that it can bust your toliet or shoot back out of your pipes! I love it, it will take out every clog!!!!

    Love the quilt! Can't wait to see more of it!!! Oh and I am so excited about the next Booty Swap!! Can't wait to see who I get!!!

    OOooo...I'll remember that next time.

    Thank you Kristie! You'll know your partner soon enough! :)