Monday, June 16, 2008

It's hot here in Texas!

101 in San Antonio today.....well, outside, inside was a cool 72ish :)

We got her late Saturday afternoon--when the boss realized we didn't have any convention obligations to attend, we decided to play! Anjea from Austin came down baring gifts of yuminess and we spent the evening righting the Riverwalk Taxi and eating Texas Style BBQ. We had a nice time and enjoyed more sight seeing Sunday morning with a visit to the Alamo! Said good bye to Anjea :( and started into convention mode!

We got to see the unveiling of the new Designer Diamond from Husqvarna last night....OOOOO ahHHHHHHHHhhh.....what excitement! You can see it for yourself on their website.

I have taken pictures, but here's one to enjoy until I get back on Thursday. Internet is $10/24 hours in the hotel...Crazy in my opinion especially for the price we are paying and internet is free at the holiday inn!!

Hope everyone is doing well--I'll reply to ya'l this weekend!


  1. You are in one of the hottest cities in Texas but close to a cool Riverwalk......Keep cool and have fun.

    Yep! Unfortunately, it isn't normal for this time of year in San Antonio and the lack of rain in the area adds insult to injury. I lived and had one kid there in SA....20 years ago..the city has changed, but not as much as I expected. That was a nice and pleasant surprise.

    Keeping cool wasn't a fact I froze the entire time in classrooms and hotel was ridiculously cold inside, it was nice to walk outside! :)

  2. Wow! Texas!! Have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see all the photos! Stay COOL!!!

    I love Texas :) Photos are coming and I had no problem staying cool!

  3. Glad I got to see you and spend time with y'all...even though it was too short! Have fun for the rest of the week, and safe travels home.

    Home safe and safe....Kendra says hi!

  4. quiltingcindy6/17/2008 3:17 AM

    Gotta love summers in TX with all that humidity! Isn't the Riverwalk amazing? Soak up lots of info to share with us at the convention.

    Being in SA made me long to be back in Texas. I have missed it.

  5. Wow, didn't think hotels charged for internet anymore! Glad things are going well :)

    Apparently, some "upscale" hotels still do and I think it's ridiculous!

  6. Oohh...Texas, eh?!
    My youngest son got a placemat for his bday of the US states. He knows Texas because it's big enough for a hand full of cereal (or cookies). My oldest asked "What comes from Texas?".
    At a real loss, all I could tell him was, "Stupid presidents".

    Have fun!
    LOL....oil and lots of gas come from Texas as well :)

  7. I can't quite figure that out either - we stay at expensive hotels and the internet is extra -- end up in a cheap(er) one and you get free high speed. I guess I should check to see if our hotel in Ft. Lauderdale has free internet but we're only going to be gone 4 days so I'm thinking it's not worth lugging the laptop.

    I normally don't drag my computer on long times, unfortunately though I have 2 software classes to take during the convention. It's hard though when one of my pass time that would normally be portable wasn't available without a price.

    Thanks for commenting!