Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm off tomorrow and Thursday!!  I need it...not to mention a 3 day weekend as well!!! SWEETTTTTT!!!

I did end up working til almost 4 today (a tad bit more than I expected) -- but what the hey!  It was good to see the boss and co-boss and just talk about the market show and what happened while they were gone.  Keep in mind, I ASSumed that I wasn't working and dressed in sweats and a Ron Jon Surf Shop tshirt today....6 hours later.......  The boss LOVED the new moving of bolts of fabrics (wheeeewww) and brought back goodies!!!  I'm sure she has tons more to share with us, but she teased us with a new tote bag.  Mine's from Timeless Treasures.....

and inside my new tote bag was this.........wait, need to do some set up explanation first....

Me:  So, did you meet or see Mark Lipinski?

Them: No, we went by his booth several times and there was another man there, but we never saw Mark.

Me: Ahhh, poopers. :(

ok, they lied.....big time:

The one on the left is the new one and the right one is from Houston :)  I really need frames to hang them up now.  I should have known they were teasing me because they didn't look directly at me when they admit not seeing him.....silly girls!  But I love them!!  Apparently he remembered me ??  that might be scary in itself LOL  I'll share the picture of them with Mark, once I get the copy.

So, I'm tired and happy with my newest quilt paraphernalia, but then I get a call from my long arm quilter (who currently has my Halloweenie and Irish Flip Flops) and tells me she got my quilts in a WHOLE month early and might possibly have both--definitely the Halloweenie one--by this weekend if she comes to the area! WOOO HOOO....so of course I need to get my butt in gear and finish up 2 more bigger tops for pass back onto her!!  So, I have started cutting the Pink & Green Monster for my daughter and I'll try to finish up my Sunflower 9 Patch as well.  My goal is the PG Monster first so I can present that in August as a birthday present.  The blocks are quick to do, just going to spend my next 2 days working on it!

Oh and my Miniature Booty Swap has been revealed by it's new owner, Cheri. I'm soo glad she loves it:

I need to catch up BIG TIME on blogs and ooo, I need to make dinner!


  1. You made out like a bandit. Your booty from the boss lady it terrific.

    :) I love my job!

  2. I'm glad you're glad I love that quilt, but what an incredible understatement! I am totally and completely smitten, enamored, swept away by it! Really, you could not have chosen better for me. Thank you SO MUCH!! Your new booty looks nice, too, but mine's the best. ;)

    :) Of course I almost kept it!

  3. Fantastic gifts from your boss - she sounds like fun. Your booty swap is too cute :-)
    Wonderful news from your Longarm lady too - this is great motivation to get things finished!

    Tell me about motivation! Though I'm not sure if I can finished what I hoped to :)


  4. Great tote! I love the colors.

    Thanks! Me too!

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